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Saleh Muhammad Safoori

Saleh Muhammad Safoori

Saleh muhammad safoori(Urdu:صالح محمد صفوری) was a punjabi sufi poet of southernpunjab who was the writer of a poetic collection in punjabi which is now known to people asKulliyat-e-saleh muhammad safoori.In the collection he has described the famousmythical story of southern punjab , Sasi puno (Urdu:سسی پنو) in poetic form. Saleh muhammad safoori was the son of Mai safoora , local saint of the area.


Kulliyat (Persian: کلیات‎) is a collection of the poetry of any one poet.

Kulliyat is one of the principal collection forms of Urdu poetry. Literally a kullyat means complete collection of poems, but often applied to any collection containing poems of various kinds.

Kulliyat-e-saleh muhammad safoori

Kulliyat-e-saleh muhammad safoori(Urdu:کلیات صالح محمد صفوری) is a poetry collection of punjabi sufi poet Saleh muhammad safoori .

The mausoleum of Saleh muhammad safoori
BornMughal Empire / Durrani Empire (1747–1826)}
ResidenceRavi belt, in Durrani Empire
EducationReligious Education
Known forPiousness
Influenced byProphets in Islam, Abdul Qadir Gilani
InfluencedThousands of local people
ReligionSunni Islam
DenominationHanafi and Qadiri
FamilyFarooqi Qadiri

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